Why do so many people get ill nowadays?

A few short answers for now!

Heavy metals and other toxic substances are everywhere in our environment – viruses – stress – contaminated drinking water – lack of sun – detrimental foods...

This newsletter will not be a bed of roses, but this is important and my next one will be a very snug newsletter. Smile :) I am not intending to generate fear or hustle. I would like to reveal solutions.

Despite our wealth and our sheer inexhaustible access to comestibles more and more even young people turn obese (also athletes), ill or suffer from inexplicable, persistent symptoms.

So, by now you will probably be thinking: “Fortunately that does not concern me right now. Most of the time I feel quite healthy and I rarely have any symptoms.” But most people often suffer from symptoms. It can start with tiredness throughout the day, reluctance, inertia, mood swings, problems to think straight etcetera. This may carry on into headaches, limb pains, pain in the joints, tingeling, spasms, indigestion, palpitations, migraine, depressions, burn out, only just to mention a few. We think that this is part of being human, but it is not, at least it did not use to be in ancient times. Apart from very difficult life situations and illnesses the human should be fully fit and powerful, quite the same as animals are in wildlife. It is the nature of every life form otherwise it would not be able to survive.

If you count yourself as one of those who have symptoms from time to time and you would like to reach a state of being fully fit and powerful then it is well worth to carry on reading here.

More answers

  • The encumbrance with toxic substances and other environmental influences which harm us have reached a very high and so far unheard of level for us humans.

  • Additionally there is a permanently growing load of viruses that mutate and become more and more agressive.

  • A substancial factor is stress. As a result, we have too much adrenaline in our body, which lingers there too long and harms us.

  • The water on our planet has not only turned more poorly in terms of nutrition but is also charged with up to 30.000 critical substances which do not have to be tested for and it is therefore no longer really energetic.

  • The alarming reduction of the force of the solar radiation due to air pollution and harmful micro-dust has a life-shortening effect in that plants, animals and humans receive less sunlight.

  • And last but not least we receive a final whipping through an overload of processed and unhealthy food.

It is important to understand the resaons for this development. If we know the causes then we can seek for sensible and effective solutions.

Through this I would like to give you courage because despite all the strains nowadays there are solutions which implications will give us humans joy and hope. Therefore I would like to suggest to share this newsletter with people in your environment that are struggling with persistent symptons.

Seven main reasons for illnesses

It is not possible for me to list all harmful substances. I will just briefly go into the particular causes as well as substances which we are ALL exposed to otherwise it will be too comprehensive.

Mercury (and other heavy metals) … is (are) extremely poisonous and accountable for symptoms such as tingling, tiredness, numbness, spasms, fears, depressions, migraine, ringing sounds in the ears, limb fatigue, sleeping disorders etc.

... may be a cause for psychological troubles, a weak immune system, MS, ADHS, autism, dementia, schizophrenia etc.

… it's concentration in the air, water, earth and comestibles has increased since the industrial revolution up to 200 percent.

… is passed on hereditarily and we absorb it through our respiration, the skin, through our drinking water, saltwater fish and our food. It is found in vaccines, medication, dental fillings, batteries, technical devices, cars, illuminants, in evaporated solvents from airplanes in the sky and it is used in large quantities in gold mining.

… reacts even more poisonous with aluminium, which we can hardly avoid either.

… serves viruses as a source of nourishment which consequently breed, leave toxic excretions and lead to damages everywhere in the body.

Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizer and lawn maintenance products

… are already detrimental to our health in small quantities and damage our cells (also in our brain).

… they deposit in our organs, tissue and bones as well as accelerating illnesses.… are absorbed by respiration, drinking water, the skin and foods.

… are often applied, often widespread or sprayed out (in some countries also during night-time) and deposit on plants and grasses.