Solutions Part I

„Those who do not detox on a regular basis nowadays take a strongly increased risk to develop inexplicable symptoms and severe illnesses.”

This has become a harsh reality.

Here the answers to the harmful encumbrances mentioned in my last blog.

After all that have seen, experienced and learnt in my life so far I believe that:

„It is possible to neutralise the current strong health- detrimental loads in our everyday life through the following counter-measures:”

• Really healthy nutrition

• Sensible and efficient detoxification

• Protection from viruses and other pathogenic bacteria

• Vital, cleansed drinking water

• Enough sunlight and exercise in free nature

• Natural dietary supplementation

• Plant-based remedies

• Reduction of stress

The conventional and unhealthy nutrition is by far not the worst cause of illnesses. But a really healthy diet is the most important force in the fight against the harmful loads.

In order to achieve a noticeable effect some important foods should be consumed regularly and in larger quantities. You can achieve the highest efficiency if you relish fruits as smoothies and vegetables as juice. This enables your body direct access to the important active agents which do NOT remain in the fibres.

Recipe 1

The most important vegetable juice is the celery juice (shrub celery) as it possesses a tremendous cleansing and healing power.

You need approximately two shrubs. Cut away the course leaves and keep the delicate leaves for a salad or a smoothie.

Process the single stalks with a de-juicer into juice. Process the remaining pomace about two passes more through the de-juicer. This will result in more juice.

It is important to drink at least a pint of fresh juice quite swiftly after getting up upon an empty stomach. For more efficiency you can drink more fresh celery juice throughout the day. Just ideally not with meals.

For the most optimal effect the juice must remain pure and needs to be prepared exactly as described and drunk freshly without any additives.

The more often you equip days with this juice the better the cleansing and healing effect. Vegetable juices should be consumed when still very fresh as the active agents do not preserve for any lengthy amount of time.

For even more efficiency you can drink a pint of fresh lemon water after getting up and then (at least 30mins. later) the celery juice.

Try to keep the day fat free as long as possible. As soon as fat reaches the liver it ceases it's important cleansing process.

Shrub celery juice ...

... is very highly anti-inflammatory.

… works efficiently against detrimental bacteria, viruses, yeast- and mildew.

… washes toxins, cell residue of viruses from the digestive tract and the liver.

… helps to neutralise radiation, poisonous metals and pesticides.

… repairs our DNA.

… creates an alkaline milieu in the intestinal and supports valuable bacteria.

… is the best cleansing and healing remedy for the bowel mucosa (eg. for Leaky Gut Syndrome).

… helps against indigestions and stress symptoms.

… reduces the risk of migraine.

… improves the kidney- and the adrenal gland functions.

… contains many mineral salts which function as an outstanding electrolyte, hence influencing the neurons favourably, which is especially helpful with symptoms of ADHS, drowsiness and loss of memory.

With celery juice you do not need to worry anymore about Candida, your microbiome, Leaky Gut and other problems with your digestive tract.

„You are what you eat!”

We have all heard this expression. What we eat has an immediate effect on our body and spirit. This impact can only be constructive or de-constructive (foods are not neutral) whereby the manifestation differ in their strength. A single nutrition always contains hundreds of different active agents. If for example I drink wine and have the feeling that it may be healthy due to the polyphenols then this is very blue-eyed. The alcohol (also pesticides) supersede all the healthy substances in the wine due to which this is to be classified as degrading. If in another example I eat animal fat or nutritional- oils/ fats (even healthy ones) it thickens the blood plasma (aside many other effects). Due to this the blood flows more slowly and less oxygen reaches the important regions of the body. This weakens the liver, heart, performance and the immune system.

If I consume in healthy foods it has a instantly constructive and healing impact.