Fight viruses successfully and naturally (Part 5)

Anti-pathogen cleansing

(no starvation diet, eat as much as you want!)

Hurray, spring is here! It brings us the warming sun and happy bird-twittering, which have been proven to brighten our spirits.

Spring-time is also the ideal time for fasting or cleansing cures. This is the only way to drain the toxins as well as viruses and other germs from your liver and other organs that have inevitably accumulated throughout the years.


antiviral, antibacterial, kills parasites and worms, anti-inflammatory, healing intestines, healing skin etc.

Purification and detox are not just trendy and fashionable.

Without detoxifying regularly, it is almost impossible to be healthy nowadays with the enormous strain of viruses, heavy metals and toxins.

This is also one of the reasons why athletic and apparently healthy people suddenly become seriously ill. But be on your guard - a lot of less reasonable offers take advantage of this trend. There are several efficient cleansing regimens and all of them have the advantage of decimating germs. The anti-pathogen cleaning is easy and gives the blood, lymph and digestive tract a "reset". This cleaning is a sensible prevention, but also works supportively in acute infections.


After getting up, drink at least 4dl (2dl to get used to it, then increase) freshly juicified, pure organic celery stalk juice and then do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes. Avoid caffeine, fatty foods, and alcohol until at least noon, otherwise the liver can not detoxify.

Avoid unsuitable foods, however it is not a ban. You take your own decision to go without them for the duration of the cure. Choose the level (see below) of the foods you want to avoid yourself. The higher the level, the faster and more effective the cleaning.

Drink at least 1 liter of still water during the day, between meals (if possible purified or with a dash of lemon)


At least 2 weeks, better 28 days, can be extended as required.


Celery juice accelerates the flushing out of old food residues. It also kills viruses & bacteria, detoxifies and builds up the intestinal lining. It is the most strongest healing juice ever.

Harmful foods do not leave the body immediately and more importantly they leave behind toxic residues.

Dairy products stay in the blood and lymph for a long time and form sticky residue on the walls of the small and large intestines. If dairy products are discontinued, it can take up to 13 days to be excreted. With gluten, it takes up to 11 days and with eggs up to 9 days for excretion.

This means that the residues of these foods, which accumulate in the liver, are unfortunately not excreted. It takes at least 90 days there!

Unsuitable foods

(levels 1-5, sorted by importance, lower levels include the upper levels)

Why is it important to avoid these foods for at least the duration of the cleanse?

  • The liver is heavily burdened with fatty food and is then unable to detoxify.

  • Many of these foods thicken the blood because of their fat content. As a result, toxins cannot be eliminated, remain in the blood or get back into the organs.

  • Some foods have a drying effect, which also thickens the blood even more and sabotages the detoxification process.

  • Thick blood contains less oxygen. But this is extremely important for performance, metabolism and immune defense.

  • These foods listed below also contain a lot of toxins. Detoxing and adding toxins at the same time makes very little sense.

  • Many of these foods are a source of nutrition for viruses and bacteria.

This cleaning can only be really effective if the above foods are avoided as much as possible. It is just as important to consume as little fat as possible, but instead a lot of fruit, fresh vegetables and herbs.

Level 1

Avoid eggs, dairy products, gluten (all cereals and dishes containing gluten), sweet drinks and less salt

Level 2

Avoid pork, poultry, tuna and corn