Fight viruses successfully and naturally (Part 2&3)

English Version (Part 2)

How do you get rid of viruses quickly and reliably?

Quite simply: with my prevention program. You can take immediate action through simple means and minimal efforts time-wise.

Viruses pose a major threat to our health and can cause a wide variety of symptoms and serious illnesses.

Vaccinations only work until a virus mutates or new viruses attack us. They also never reach 100% effectiveness and can cause side effects.

The remedies recommended here have no side effects, unless they are massively overdosed over a long period of time or you don't brush your teeth after consuming fruit (but because of the acid you should wait about 20 minutes to do so).

They are effective against all viruses, strengthen the immune system and support many important body functions.

Viruses are ubiquitous. However, if you have a strong immune system, you will usually develop few or no symptoms from an infection. That's why we should strengthen our immune system every day, not just after the body has been infected.

Prevention program

Conventional medicine has not yet been able to develop effective means against viruses. But you can prevent yourself with the right foods and vitamins. They also act as a mood booster, just like walks in nature or sports. Make sure you have a good blood circulation and plenty of oxygen in your blood as this will also fight viruses.

The following foods are specifically effective against viruses and should be consumed daily.


Wild blueberries, apples, pears, bananas, berries, kiwi, papaya, dates, figs, pomegranate, mango, citrus fruits. A freshly grated apple mixed with a mashed banana and a little lemon juice tastes great. Take honey or maple syrup with it – these products also have antiviral effects.


Potatoes, radishes (and radishes WDH!), cauliflower, kale, cucumber, hemp seeds, garlic, arugula, lettuce, celery, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green asparagus and onions.

Herbs and spices

Thyme, coriander, basil, ginger, turmeric, lemon balm, sesame seeds, sprouts, star-aniseed.


Fresh juices and smoothies, coconut water, lemon balm tea, licourice root tea, red clover tea. The teas can also be mixed with each other and are delicious warm, cold, unsweetened or sweetened with honey or maple syrup (must be sourced organically).


Take vitamin D3 daily. D3 can only be formed in the summer half-year with the help of the sun, so taking it in the winter half-year is essential for a stable immune system. Always take D3 together with vitamin K2 (as MK7 all-trans form). Sufficient magnesium and calcium must be supplied either through fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs or as a dietary supplement. If this is not guaranteed or if D3 is overdosed, taking D3 can be harmful.

In the winter half of the year – or at the latest in the event of an infection – reduce dairy products or do without them completely. Dairy products make the lining of the intestines and other areas of the body mucus, weaken the immune system and feed viruses.

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More information is following in part 3.

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Finally, a delicious recipe:

Apple wedges with date dip Serves 1–2

Not only children love this snack. Apples are tasty, healthy and antiviral. They conduct heavy metals and radiation out of the body, contain magnesium, calcium and much more. Dates inhibit inflammation, remove toxins from the liver and intestines, strengthen bones, contain iron, potassium and much more.

● Cut 1 large apple into narrow wedges and arrange on a plate.

● Process 6 pitted dates (possibly soaked in water overnight) with ¼ teaspoon cinnamon and a little water in a blender to a smooth mass.

● Pour the dip into a bowl and serve with the apples.